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“Cycles Within Cycles”: A series of Haiku poems

Posted by David on October 30, 2007


Here is a set of Haiku poems. Haiku is a Japanese poetic style. Each stanza contains three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each.


Clouds come rolling in;
as the sky begins to dim,
north winds bring a chill.

Leaves rise in the sky;
whirls of color flying by,
restless winds of change.

Trees bare branches stark;
frost condensing in the dark,
crystals of beauty.

Snow flies from the north;
as the length of day is waning
birds fly to the south.


Winter wonderland;
moonlit snow, aurora’s glow;
crisp cold of silence.

Cold, clear as starlight;
glinting crystals, twinkling lights,
catching full moonlight.

Timber wolves howling;
harmonies of ancient song,
rising yet falling.


Icy grip softens;
snow is sagging wet with slush,
melting streamlets rush.

Promise of sunlight;
rippling. melting signs of spring,
warm, longer daylight.

Thawing warmth quickens;
life rhythms corresponding
ancient cycles flowing


Long warm hazy days,
shouting children run and play.
“Let’s go to the fair”.

Come look, there’s a snake,
evolution at its best.
No, its not a pest.

Graceful, masterful
swallow in perfected flight.
We watch in delight.


Chrysalis breaking;
a new form overtaking,
freed from confinement.

Winged wonder soon will depart;
showing what it is.


Dozers dueling earth;
plowing under, asunder
overturned plunder

weathered carcass of topsoil.


A dawning new day;
multi-hued new morning light:
A changing of ways.


Potential Being;
pre-existent what could be,
brings forth existence.

Birth, death, cycles change;
elemental force being
everywhere the same.

Pre-destined free will,
potential is essential;
Existence becomes.

For more the the case for world unity see


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